Interior pocket doors Photo - 1

In the past interior pocket door have been used to separate space for the sake of creating privacy. These doors are made in such a way that they slide within the metallic frame on the wall. This cavity is what is called a pocket. They slide and disappear into the wall. When painted the same color as the rest of the wall one wouldn’t know there is a door. Continue reading

Interior door levers 2015 on

Interior door levers Photo - 1

Interior door levers would be the portion of door hardware that is totally different from other hardware just like door knobs for their unique form of demands as well as attributes those ought to be followed on setting up them. Particularly the needs cover the need of inside aspects of a home such as bedroom, bathroom, storeroom, and so forth which clearly has definite function of their own type. Continue reading

Choosing a good soundproof interior door on

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One way to completely revamp the look of a room is by changing the door design or color. Though mostly used for privacy and security purposes their use has in the past few decades been elevated to the level of décor. However in superseding the basic use of a door, doors are now used as solution for noise pollution and thus the use of soundproof doors have garnered popularity in many households. Continue reading