What are the best bifold door sizes for small spaces

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In the construction of many households, space is always an issue no matter how big the architectural plans are. This means that there are always places that are going to suffer and have to do with limited space. One way to deal with this is the embracing of the use of bifold doors whose main advantage is that they are compact.

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The design of the bifolds eliminates need for open door as they are folded in middle thus occupies less space. This means that you can comfortably install bifolds in use of the laundry and the closet area. However with beautiful workmanship that is attributed to allow smooth opening and closing of door, more is needed when choosing one for home use.

Determining best size by measurement

In choosing the best bifold size for small spaces, one has to focus less on actual space that it needs to be installed rather than design and color as first priority. Due to this it’s quite obvious that you have to measure. This is done by simply measuring it from face of drywall from one end to another; this is the same for the height. This measurement is the one that is thus used to determine what size can be used. This should correspond well keeping in mind that the drey wall space is also included.

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Common dry wall dimension measurements that have proved useful for small spaces include;

  • 2’ 0” x 6’ 8” Bifold – two 12”panels
  • 2’ 6” x 6’ 8” Bifold two 15” panels
  • 2’ 8” X 6’ 8” Bifold two 16” panels

This are the most common standardized measurements that are common in the market and easily ordered from various suppliers. If replacement of old bifold doors is the purposes, it can be easily transported to supplier’s base. This is the surest way of getting the best bifold sizes for small spaces; after all it’s better to be safe and sure.

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