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Indoor sliding doors are doors that provide access from an inside room to the outdoors. In most cases, an indoor sliding door is a single unit that has two panel sections, one that is fixed and the other mobile, which slides open. There are several types of indoor sliding doors such as the standard interior door. They are one-piece doors that fit an opening and are placed on hinges to one side of the opening. Depending on the installation, they can swing in or out of a room. Many are hollow but some of these doors are solid wood.


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Another type of sliding glass door is the bi-fold door. This kind of sliding glass door is often used for closets and in-between two rooms that are used on a regular basis. It is important to note that the design of the bi-fold door can be louvered or solid, or be a combination of both.

Pocket doors are another example of indoor sliding doors. They are doors that slide away from the opening and into the wall. Many like pocket doors because they allow an opening to be fully accessible while at the same time, not requiring any space. They can be used for any room and they can also be locked. Sliding doors, also known as access doors, are often used in closets or master bedrooms. It is important to note, they do not swing open and instead, all you do is slide them on the track.

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French doors have a more dramatic look and add charm and beauty to a room. These doors are hung on hinges that are installed on each side of the opening and when opening, they swing toward each other and meet in the center. Once you open them, they reveal a view that is unobstructed. Dutch doors are doors that are divided in two horizontally so that either door can be left open or closed.

There are many reasons why people like and appreciate sliding glass doors such as a variety to choose from, more efficiency of space and the ability to have more natural light in a room. Another benefit is fresh air that enters a room when they are opened. One other very important benefit is how much easier these doors make when a person passes through or when he or she is carrying heavy or cumbersome items. Prices vary on indoor sliding doors, depending on what you are looking for. Prices usually begin around $150 and up.

To conclude, there are a variety of indoor sliding doors and with the many benefits they offer, it just makes sense to check them out. They are durable, efficient, bring in more natural light and fresh air. Some, like French doors, offer charm and elegance. Find out how these doors can add beauty, efficiency and charm to your home today!

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