Installing interior door slabs yourself – 2015

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If you would like to install interior door slabs by yourself, first gather the required materials. You need the following

interior door slabs photo - 1

  • Hinges
  • Wood screws: 3/4″ minimum through hinges into the slab and frame; for solid core, custom carved and stile and rail doors, 1 – 2 1/2″ through each of the top two hinges into framing
  • Wood putty/spackle
  • Lockset and template
  • Finishing supplies
  • Masking tape (for trimming)
  • 150-280 grit sandpaper

Tools such as safety glasses ,Screwdrivers, Pencil, Chisel or router, Drill with bits and hole saws, Tape measure, Level, Finishing tools (paint brushes, roller, spray equipment, masking tape etc), Circular saw (for trimming), Wood plane (for trimming or beveling), Hammer and Punch

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REMOVE PACKAGING AND INSPECT SLAB. Remove shipping materials such as corner covers, shipping blocks or pads. Inspect slab for cosmetic damage, squareness and warp. Verify it is the correct product (size, color, design, handing, etc.). If any of the above conditions represent a concern, do not install the slab. Contact the supplier for recommendations.

INSPECT EXISTING JAMB. Existing jamb should be 3/16″ wider than the slab and at least 3/8″ taller. There should be enough distance between the jamb edge and the stop to accommodate the thickness of the slab. Verify that the existing jamb is square. Verify the existing jamb is level and plumb. The opening floor or sill must be flat and level (not be crowned or sagged) The face of the rough opening must be in a single plane with less than 1/8″ twist from corner to corner

INSTALL SLAB. The door slab should be finished (painted or stained) on all six sides with an equal number of coats after all routing, trimming, boring and touch-up has been completed and it has been properly fit in the jamb. Note! If hinges are already installed on the slab, do not remove hinges for finishing. Failure to finish on all six sides and install into a square, level and plumb condition could result in denial of warranty claims for operational or performance problems.

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