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Interior metal doors are type of doors designed to offer top security and durability at your home. They are mainly made of steel units which are generally more strong when compared to wood and fiberglass doors, hence they cannot crack or wrap. In case of any dents and dings on the metal doors, they can be easily repaired. Metal doors mainly the steel doors are part of the pre-hung system, and they are designed with attached hinges or holes drilled for the hinge.

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The area on the door with the hinge must always resemble that on the accessible door frame; however, some of these doors come with extra holes drilled for these hinges, which usually allows for any form of small adjustments to be done while hanging your new metal door.

All metal doors have frame on the inner side usually designed by steel for greater strength while cavities on frame are typically filled with high density foam insulation. Most of the premium doors normally have a skin gauge of twenty four and a frame made of steel while others may offer a heavier gauge steel.
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The surface of the metal door is very smooth usually with embossed with grains of wood pattern and are mainly coated by a polyester finishing and usually requires to be repainted periodically, although the premium doors gets vinyl-clad windows meant for good resistance of weather.

In terms of prices, steel doors are very affordable with prices starting from $180 for a 6 foot 8 inch tall by 3 foot wide paneled metal door without glazing or hardware. For the metal with lights on the sides and premium hardware the prices nearly equals price of wood door systems. The choices of the interior metal doors are various from solid, to sliding, to glaze and to pocket steel door and are mainly available in stainless steel and usually designed to give a contemporary look.

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