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A prefinished door is one that has been installed with all the necessary preparations while at the factory to make it complete. Such preparations include cutting deadbolt and door latch holes, elimination of imperfections on the door surface, staining of painting of the door, pre-drilling holes for the hinge screws and cutting out mounts for the flush hinge.

One can get prefinished interior doors that have windows, slots for mail or peepholes. There are a range of varieties for prefinished interior doors which include wood, metal or vinyl covered wood. These doors can be purchased to enhance the look of your home, restaurant, office or any other place that you want to look good.

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These doors can be purchased from retail stores that deal with prefinished interior doors or one can have a custom door made specifically for them according to their needs, likes and specifications.

In comparison with the regular doors, prefinished interior doors tend to last for longer with little maintenance, they make your premise or house look more brighter and elegant, are more secure and easy to clean and polish. since these doors are already made from the factory, they take very less time to install and therefore one does not have to worry about looking for door parts especially if they are doing it for the first time.

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The USA price policy for prefinished interior doors is not constant because it keeps changing from time to time according to the current market needs of the population. In most cases, the amount of money one has is what will determine the type of prefinished interior door that they will get. The more a prefinished interior door costs, the higher the quality while on the other hand one that costs less may be missing a few intricate details.

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