Give your home an elegant upgrade with interior French doors

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Doors have a huge impact on the look and feel of each and every room in your house. They can lend a room a lot of character if they are selected after carefully inspecting the material, swing and style. There is no dearth of options when it comes to door designs but interior French doors are fast becoming popular and are increasingly finding their way into beautiful homes.

Interior French doors photo - 1

Now, as a new home owner, you may be wondering as to what are interior French doors and why would you want them? In simple words, they are doors made up of multiple glass panels. Generally, they are hinged and swing either in or out. They are commonly used as a door to the balcony, dining room or the garden. The glass panels let the sunlight flood the rooms and make them look more spacious and well-lit. The doors provide perfect partitioning between the rooms as far as sound and heat are considered while maintaining a sense of continuity in the house.

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Though clear glass interior French doors are the most common, opaque glass is available for those who prefer more privacy. Home owners also have the option of choosing from a single pane door to a ten pane door (2X5 panes) depending on the aesthetic preferences. The door frame also presents a choice between wood, aluminium and steel among others. Though classically hinged interior French windows are used, with changing demand sliding and folding French doors have also made a foray into the market.

  • The interior French doors come with multitude of benefits.

Nevertheless, a home owner should make sure that it is suitable for them like ample floor space is available for the doors to swing. Also, these doors are definitely more elegant and hence sell at a higher price range than regular sliding or interior doors. It should be kept in mind that the doors are designed as such that the natural light flows into the house, providing a sense of openness but this might compromise the privacy of the room.
The interior French doors undoubtedly lend class to the house they are installed in, but home owners should understand their requirement well to make an informed decision.

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