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Vintage interior doors are a reflection of our historical era and has the spirit of splendid in it. Vintage interior doors nowadays are mostly made using natural materials like oak file and even uses the old recipe’s of ancient masters to make the paint. This is done because interior doors which are 20 or 30 years old are unusable as they are.

There are different Variety of vintage interior doors. The most skeptical ones are the traditional screen doors, storm doors, and many more. There are many designs related with these main types and they range from Adirondack to Willowbrook for traditional screen doors and from Alexandria to Wisteria for storm doors. The normal price range for these different types of doors range from US $250 – US $950.

Vintage interior doors photo - 1

Research has proven that manufacturers are tempted to re-invent vintage interior doors despite their high cost because of the high demand. People tend to buy these vintage interior doors to give their homes a classy and antique look which is well demanded by the modern world. Considering the manufacturing of these vintage doors, manufacturers tend to use ideas and recipes of the ancient masters.

Most of the vintage interior doors are manufactured using high end technology which results in high quality. Due to this the price tag says a higher price which middle class people might not be able to buy. But yet the demand has not gone down which is why manufacturer’s still produce them with a large production cost.

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To suit the medium earner’s, manufacturer’s now tend to make vintage interior doors as normal doors and give the vintage look from outside. This has been quite effective and everyone can afford. But in comparison, these low end, low quality doors will not have the same quality or classiness of the original vintage interior doors, since the materials used or the technology used is not the same.

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